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Auto insurance for classic vehicles

Most of us love classic cars. Having such a car in your possession is a clear sign that you appreciate automobile history and care about things that are beyond current trends. There are many cars that have gone through the test of time and proven to be genuine pieces of art on wheels. However, as with any type of vehicle classic cars require auto insurance. And it often may turn out that it's not so cheap to have a classic or vintage vehicle in your garage from the insurance point of view.

The main problem with classic and vintage vehicles is their value. On one hand their actual market value can be rather low because they are long out of production and don't standup to the current standards of car manufacturing. On the other hands these vehicle have a high historic and collectible value that can make them as expensive as some luxury or super cars produced these days. Besides, the cost of repairing such vehicle can often be rather high because of the unique parts required for repairing the vehicle. As a result the cost of insuring such vehicles is always higher than for standard cars and you will have to purchase specialized classic auto insurance.

First thing to consider when buying auto insurance for a classic vehicle is get a professional appraiser to identify the actual value of the vehicle considering its age, uniqueness and condition. Based on his written verdict you may then start looking for an auto insurance policy. You may get it from a typical insurance company and can also consider specialized auto insurance providers. The latter is often much better because you may benefit from special provisions and wider flexibility with your policy, something that traditional providers will hardly give you. Shopping around online is certainly a good way to find a suitable policy without spending too much time on it.

Still, bear in mind that classic auto insurance will always be more expensive if compared to usual cars and there may also be certain restrictions with the policy. For example, you may be required to keep your vehicle in the garage only and drive only a certain amount of miles per year in order for the policy to be valid. So always make sure to review the contents of the policy no matter how attractive it may be priced. It often makes a difference what restrictions there may be so make sure to buy only the policy that is adequate to your exact insurance needs.

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