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Auto insurance gets pricy as you age

It may come as a surprise to you but auto insurance rates have a direct link to your age. First, when a person is young and inexperienced the insurance rates will be higher. Insurance providers regard the group of people aged between 18 and 25 to be the most risky type of drivers and always set the highest rates possible because accidents are very common in this group. However, as they get older and more experienced drivers get much better rates because the risk is reduced.

Drivers aged between 25 and 54 usually have the best rates through all age groups because the have vast experience and their eyesight is generally good. This group of drivers has the least insurance claims and auto insurance providers appreciate that by giving them the lowest rates.

But as the drivers get older their insurance rates may increase steadily. Drivers aged between 55 and 64 usually have slightly higher rates because their reflexes and response is not that good as it used to be. When a car owner hits 65 his or her auto insurance premiums start to increase at a much higher rate. And if you will try to get auto insurance while being 75 or older your rates will be very high. So, what's the explanation behind premiums rising for older drivers?

It's pretty simple. As a person ages their reactions tend to get slower and that's certainly a factor that increases the risk of having an accident in heavy traffic. Besides, senior drivers usually have different health conditions that may impair their reactions or even render them unable to concentrate on driving. For example severe pain attack from arthritis or increased blood tension will certainly make it hard for the person behind the wheel to keep their eyes on the road and this can seriously increase the risk of having an accident. That's why auto insurance premiums are higher for drivers older than 65.

Finding cheap auto insurance for older drivers may become problematic but it doesn't mean that it's completely impossible. Shopping around is a must for this group of drivers and it will certainly help if someone younger will help them comparison shop for auto insurance online. While premiums will still be higher you may find a policy that is not very expensive and that still provides all the necessary coverage.

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